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Today less than 1.5% failure or problem rate with GPS units!!!

Latest Advancements for GPS Units in Managing Vehicle Assest Internet based Software for GPS Products 2010:

All GPS product software has ability to setup Auto-Reports for being sent daily, weekly, monthly to your email inbox as attachment Automatic Updates of the Software and Mapping

All Real Time GPS:

Can have firmware updates to the GPS box OTA (Over the Air) no need to remove and as long as unit is working it can receive the latest update compatible with its Firmware version.All Real-Time units can have Tech support for that GPS product, trouble shot problems remotely, increases speed and efficiency of getting units back into service.

Police Find Thousands Inside Storage Facility

Sep 18 2007 12:53PM – COLUMBUS, Ohio – Detectives on Tuesday said more than $100,000 in stolen equipment was discovered at a storage facility on the city’s southeast side — all thanks to a satellite signal. According to police, one piece of the equipment was outfitted with a Global Positioning System (GPS) device that officers were able to pinpoint, 10TV’s Tino Ramos reported. After searching the Gender Road storage facility, police said they confiscated four ATVs, 10 lawnmowers, two skid steers and 20 landscaping tools. Detectives said the piece of equipment with a GPS device was stolen from a location in Heath, Ramos reported. Several flatbed trailers hauled away most of the equipment for police investigation. Police said that they know who owns the storage facility, and were trying to locate that person for questioning.