Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems


Worry Free Client GPS Solution Services

  • GPS Solutions Provider since 2001, all GPS Solutions carry 12 month Warranty
  • Several GPS Solutions have Extended Warranty available and repair after warranty Period
  • All GPS Solutions have Internet based Software, viewable from any computer with internet access
  • GPS Solution Support available online for all GPS Products
  • GPS Support has ability online to review GPS unit data flowing to server, many times can correct and resolve GPS unit problems.
  • Upgrades and GPS unit fixes can many times be done OTA (Over the Air) for Real-Time GPS Units, through I.T. support for the GPS Product.
  • AUTOSmart Provides hourly support as needed on line or at customer site for repair/replacement of GPS unit, antennas, software training, etc.
  • AUTOSmart Logistics goal is to provide the correct GPS Solution for client needs, and Worry-free Service for that GPS Solution!


GPS Installation

MIT-LOGO2008  MIT has completed in excess of 400,000 installations over 17 years. We deliver fleet deployments ranging from 15 units to 34,000 units. We have experience with all fleet technology solutions verticals and extensive experience all fleet types. Our PEOPLE are the reason for our success and reputation, industry leading technicians led by an experienced project management team providing scale for projects of all sizes and scopes in the mobile fleet solutions business (we deploy the manpower to meet your timeline).

                  A sample of current deployments: our experienced project management team is currently supporting a 1400 unit, two solution deployment for DC OUC (police , fire, and ambulance for Washington DC), moving into the post pilot/deployment prep phase of a 3000 unit deployment for the Texas DOT, and preparing for a 2200 unit MDT refresh for Florida Highway Patrol.

                Recently completed projects include 16,000 units for Asplundh, 9000 units for Coca Cola Refreshments, 1200 units for JCB, 150 units for Sunrise FL PD, 75 units for Pima Arizona PD, 25 units for City of Vernon CA (to provide a range of examples of our scale and our nationwide footprint). MIT enjoys a long standing partnership with hardware manufacturers, their distribution partners and end user clients.

How do we deliver zero failure rate deployments and exceed customer expectations? 

  • An executive team with decades of industry experience, vision, and leadership
  • Strategic, long term relationships with solutions, channel distribution, and fleet industry leaders
  • A project management team that are industry leaders
  • Extensive knowledge of the solutions currently being installed in all fleet types
  • Thorough proof of concept study and standards development
  • Refined installation standard operation procedures for all projects
  • A detailed focus on internal training and quality
  • Development of detailed deployment plans that reflect our clients project vision and requirements
  • Efficient communicant processes pre-deployment, during deployment, and post deployment
  • A workforce of 12 volt mobile fleet technicians that work exclusively for MIT and are incentivized for peak thru put yet accountable for retouches
  • Proven deployment processes, scheduling, documentation, and data reporting tools that are client friendly
  • A reputation for delivering zero failure rate deployments regardless of project or fleet size.

       Standard Installation Warranty for MDT mounts is 90 days. Installation workmanship issues typically reveal themselves to the end user within 30 days post deployment for active in-service fleet vehicles, if not sooner. Each vehicle installation is inspected and approved by MIT and the end user client with official acceptance occurring with our Vehicle Completion Document.

       Safety First! We deliver with safety as a top priority. MIT provides a COI that meets or exceeds industry and end user site requirements. MIT is well versed in the exceptional focus on safety practices in the fleet segment and we have internal processes to support safety first, documentation, and incident mitigation.

       Our quality workmanship, low to zero failure rates, and differentiators in the mobile fleet installation space over many years has positioned MIT as the premiere installation solution and has resulted in many end users insisting on MIT when selecting a solutions or supply channel partner.


  • Installer/Service Provider, AUTOSmart Logistics, has been using the professional install company AMS, Inc. of Madison since 2002.  AMS has extensive install experience with all GPS Solutions provided by AUTOSmart and provides lifetime warranty of their installs, if failure is related to install!
  • AUTOSmart Logistics, will provide guidance for customers with their one install team, and for clients outside the market area of AMS, Inc.