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WebTech’s – MDT3500

NEW! The MDT3500 revolutionizes mobile resource management with a driver-friendly interface, reliable two-way data and voice communications, text-to-speech, and voice command recognition. With the MDT3500 In-Cab device, your drivers can communicate in real-time with dispatch operations.

Are you working out in the oil patch or another industry where ruggedized technology is a must? The MDT3500 is WebtechWireless’ rugged removable in‐cab device running Webtech Driver Center™. It’s rugged enough to be able to stand up to workplace conditions that consumer‐grade devices cannot. The MDT3500 is built and tested to MIL‐STD‐0810 industrial standards for (impact, thermal shock, thermal stress, vibration, and more) so it can take all the bumps and bruises your drivers can throw at it and keep performing.

Running on the MDT 3500 is Webtech Driver Center™. The Webtech Driver Center application is a feature-rich solution built on the versatility and functionality of the Android platform. Designed in collaboration with industry drivers, Webtech Driver Center uses the intuitive features of touch screen technology to deliver the mission critical information you need to optimize your operations.

MDT3500 Features:

  • Android 4.0
  • 7” screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi‐Fi enabled
  • Rugged, Automotive grade platform
  • 2MP back facing camera
  • Six‐hour battery life
  • IP54 compliant
  • Certification and Compliance – CE, FCC, RoHS, J1455

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