Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems



NEW! The WT2250 Locator is designed especially to track powered assets, such as trailers, yellow iron, chassis, and generators. An ideal trailer tracking solution, the WT2250 helps you reconcile contractor and driver hours on all your trailers. With two power modes, it reports according to whether it’s powered (and hitched to a cab or other power source), or not powered and in the yard. If your trailer moves in the yard, the WT2250 wakes up and tells you about it.

Designed from the start to be easy to install, the WT2250 uses no external antennas. You can mount the WT2250 wherever you like, as its industrial packaging means that it will keep working no matter what the weather is doing.

The WT2250 Locator is also an ideal temperature monitoring solution for your trailers. You can configure a different temperature threshold for both the yard and on the road. Our award-winning Quadrant® Manager lets you monitor your trailer locations and temperatures in real-time.

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