Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems



NEW! The WT7000H+ Locator is a state-of-the-art GPS device that provides advanced vehicle location and telematics capabilities for a wide variety of applications.

Designed and manufactured by Webtech Wireless®, the WT7000H+ Locator joins a long line of proven and reliable in-vehicle devices. As an integral part of the Quadrant® Product Suite, it delivers the accuracy and flexibility needed to increase productivity, reduce costs, comply with regulatory and environmental standards, and improve the safety and security of workers and mobile assets.

The WT7000H+ is the perfect solution for straight trucks, cube vans, and even trailers that require multiple sensors. It supports a ruggedized temperature probe to measure foods and other products that require detailed temperature measurement in up to three separate zones. Its integration to the WebtechWireless MDT supports driver logs for HOS compliance with long-haul trucking regulations. Its support for engine diagnostic data ensures you can benefit from a complete GPS/AVL telematics solution.

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